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Since the start of the year membership of the Green Party across this region has grown by over 150% making us one of the fastest growing regaions in the country. 

Major challenges face the region including depressed wages, attacks on the public sector, soaring use of foodbanks, fracking, High Speed 2, and the TTIP the massive US-EU trade deal.

In the UK, these things are taking place against a backdrop of rising poverty, a NHS increasingly divided up, rising homelessness, the toll of the bedroom tax, attacks on disability welfare, the jobless and those on benefits. Meanwhile banks continue to threaten to wreck the economy again, destined to lead to further austerity. And don't expect the wealthy to pay their fair share ...  In fact the country now has the most billionaires per head in the world and is headed for levels of inequality not seen in Britain for a hundred years. 
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General Elections 2015

Please find the candidates here



Local Elections 2015

Your 2015 Bradford District Council Green Party Candidates

Likely candidates:  

Alex Newsham, Darren Parkinson,  Brian Newham, Kathryn Forrest, Rob Nicholls, David Ford, Brian Ford, Rohman Ali, Barbara Archer, John Robinson, Hawarun Hussain, James Kirkcaldy, Janet Souyave, Helen Love, Celia Hickson

Your 2015 Calderdale Council Green Party Candidates

Likely candidates: 

Kate Sweeny , Susan Thomas, Mark Mullany, Elizabeth King, Patrick Moran, Freda Davis, Gary Scott, Charles Gate, Oxana Poberejnaia, 
John Nesbitt

Your 2015 North Kirklees/Kirkburton/Denby Dale Green Party candidates are:

Likely candidates:

Charlotte Stoyles, Garry Kitchin, Ian Bullock, Richard Burton, Jessica Berry, Tony Kelsall, Simon Cope, Adrian Cruden, Nick Whittingham, Cass Whittingham

Your Hull City Council Green Party Candidates are:

Your likely candidates are: 

Martin Deane (Avenue), Mike Lammiman, Angela Needham, Richard Howarth, James Russell, Mark Gretton, Sarah Morris, Isabel Pires

Your 2015 Sheffield City Council Green Party Candidates are:

Likely candidates are:

Jennyfer Barnard, Paul Horada-Bradnum, Richard Madden, Frank Plunkett, Brian Webster, Christopher Sissons, Cllr Sarah Jane Smalley, Jonathan Peters, Adrian Hawley, Rita Wilcock, Kaye Horsfield, Arun Mathur , Amy Mack, Judith Rutnam, Peter Garbutt, David Hayes, Chris McMahon, Graham Wroe, Julie White, Anne Barr, Richard Roper, Douglas Johnson, Eamonn Ward, Martin Bradshaw, Dan Lyons,Sue Morton, Calvin Payne, Kathryn Aston, John Grant

Your 2015 Leeds City Council Green Party Candidates are:

Your likely candidates are:

Paul Marchant, Miriam Moss, Carl James, Yvonne Clark, David Smith, Kate Bisson,  Pete Exley, Clive Lord, 
Emma Carter , Glen Jankowski, Ben Goldthorp, Cllr Terry Wilford, Yvonne Murray, Neil Seepujak, Colin Avison, Paul Matthews, Joe Salmon, Timothy Goodall , Chris Foren, Louise Richardson, David Webb, Morgan Tatchell-Evans, Austen Thompson, Chris Smith, 
Deborah Fenney, Bluebell Eikonoklastes, Owen Brear, Irene Dracup, Gordon Haycock, Paul Ellis, Nathan Allen, Martin Hemingway
Sam Murray

Your 2015 Harrogate & District Green Party Candidates are:

Your likely candidates are:

Helen Compton, Conor Hawkins, Shaun Lowry, Gilly Charters, Elizabeth Barclay, Richard Wilson, Claire Hawkins, Nicholas Bates



Caroline Lucas MP,letter to the leadersShahrar Ali, Speech to ConferenceNatalie Bennett, speech to ConferenceCllr Andrew Cooper

Andrew Pointon for Leeds WestPete Kennedy, DoncasterCaroline Lucas, speech to ConferenceAmelia Womack, speech to Conference

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