Scunthorpe protests the Bedroom Tax

3 April 2013

Scunthorpe's first major demonstration in recent times brought 100 people onto the High Street for a rally, one of 50 demonstrations across the UK against the so-called 'Bedroom Tax'.

From Monday, 660,000 people living in social housing face a surcharge due to whether they have a spare bedroom. At the same time, a cap comes in on benefits and council Crisis Loans also are being badly affected.

Martin Deane, Green Party, spoke on how the tax targeted the poorest, the  vulnerable and the disabled.  "The Bedroom  Tax is a deliberate attack by a contemptuous Coalition on the poor, the vulnerable and the disabled."

"On Monday too, another change comes in. Those on £1 million and more per year, will receive a £100,000 tax cut - and for every millionaire's tax cut 137 families - 315 people - will start paying tax on their bedrooms to pay for it! This is a government of millionaires for millionaires!

"The majority of the 660,000 at risk of losing their homes are also disabled. They have already been thorugh the mill. The dreaded ATOS assessments - often disregarding serious disabilities - to force them into jobs; the cuts to Disability Living Allowance; the introduction of PIP.

"These attacks - and the Bedroom Tax won't be the last - are not acceptable in a civilised society!"

"Already there is homelessness in Britain and it's been growing for years. The Bedroom Tax will make it worse. Already there are beggars on the streets. The Bedroom Tax will create more.

"The Bedroom Tax is supposed to save money, we hear. But it will cost MORE - more in benefits, more in needs, more in services - more in housing benefits, paid to private landlords, as people move out of social housing.

"People will be forced into smaller, sub-standard private accommodation but where is the space for thousands in each authority? And few landlords deal adequately with disability either. There will be court cases for disability challenges, and for arrears. There will be bailiffs costs because people won't move, and it costs about £6,000 to evict someone.

"So, take the steps you need to. Brick up your doors, knock down the walls - like they did in the 1830s when a Window Tax came in.

"Councils, protect your people! Join the pledge by the SNP in Dundee, the Green Party in Brighton and by Labour in Burnley - pledge that no-one will be evicted due to this despicable tax"




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