Independent Elected on Anti-fracking Platform

15 April 2016

PHOTO: Andy Strangeway, independent, elected on anti-fracking platform in Pocklington, East yorkshire.

Last week's by-election for East Riding Council in Pocklington Provincial Ward saw independent Andy Strangeway elected, with a huge swing of votes.

Fracking has become a big issue in the town recently, with large numbers attending regular Frack Free Pocklington Area meetings, and the Pocklington Post covering the issue in the election campaign.

Andy warned of the dangers of fracking, and said: "I am, and will always be anti-fracking. ...
Regardless of what local party candidates may state, the Conservatives, UKIP and Labour are pro-fracking. If elected, all three will have to support the party whip. As an Independent I represent local residents not a party whip."

Strangeway took the seat, with 1,032 votes, and a huge swing from the Conservatives.

Regional Green Party officer Shan Oakes says, "This is an AMAZING swing for East Yorkshire which has an almost entirely Tory unitary council…

"It just goes to show the level of feeling on this issue!" 

 (credits Frack Free East Yorkshire, Pocklington Post)


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