Fracking madness

10 October 2016

Using the word ‘madness’ in relation to fracking is appropriate.

Many people who have bothered to research this method of extracting shale gas, and the impact the industry is having in other parts of the world usually come to the conclusion that fracking is madness.

Often people have then joined or even started one of the growing antifracking groups particularly numerous across the north of England.

Gary Smith of the GMB union should therefore find out exactly what fracking involves, especially its dangers to both the environment and people, and then review his statement that banning fracking is ‘madness’.

The dangers of fracking to humans as well as the environment are serious, numerous and well documented. There are health dangers to workers in the fracking industry, which should be of importance to the GMB union.

We do not need to be dependent on gas for decades to come, we need the political will to invest in the renewable energy industry which will then create green jobs.

Theresa May is about to ratify the Paris Climate Change deal, committing this country to reducing its carbon emissions. How will the Government then deliver on this, after removing subsidies for the renewable energy industry whilst encouraging the fracking industry?

Fossil fuels need to stay in the ground – it is encouraging their further extraction that is madness.

Ann Forsaith

Yorkshire and the Humber

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