Syria Vigil in Hull

17 December 2016

The people of Hull held a vigil for the suffering of Aleppo on Friday evening, eyecatching the rush hour crowd.

"Aleppo is a symbol for what Syria has suffered for over 5 years," Martin Deane, of Hull and East Riding Green Party, comments. 

"The time for peace in Syria is now." 

PHOTO: About a hundred people came and went to the silent vigil, adding their presence of solidarity.

People attended, highlighting the suffering of Syria and Aleppo, the human cost, the hundreds of thousands of deaths and the many millions of refugees.

One personal story from the evening included a man with a brother in east Aleppo who he hasn't heard from for some time.

Another man was concerned about his sister in east Aleppo. Her and her family have been living in their basement for years now. 

What an uncertain future so many have - but they deserve peace as much as we do.

PHOTO: Rosie from Hull Help for Refugees describes the vigil and its meaning on BBC Radio Humberside

The vigil was led by Hull Help for Refugees and supported by a number of groups in the city, including the area Green Party. These groups would like to thank everyone who came and stopped for a while. 

A second vigil is to be held on Saturday 18th Dec from 2pm at the Methodist Church on Princes Avenue, Hull.


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