Green Party calls for railways to be brought into public hands as fares rise

2 January 2018

Local Green Party groups from across Yorkshire are again calling for railways to be brought back into public ownership as train fares go up.

Northern Rail, which runs most of the services across the region, announced the biggest hike in ticket prices of any UK operator, 4.7 per cent, compared to the average increase of 3.4 per cent. And figures revealed the average age of the company’s trains is 28 years.

Green Party Campaigners outside Sheffield StationThe Green Party has launched a petition to bring the railways into public ownership and is asking people to write to their local MPs to ask what solutions they supports.

Writing for this morning, former leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett has said "we have long been calling for the trains to be brought back into public hands, and we were this morning promoting a petition calling for just that. This is something that could be done at no cost to the public purses – contracts taken back into public hands when they lapse or are handed back.

"Everyone suffers as more and more travellers are priced off the rails, which is exactly what government policies have been doing."

Matt Edwards, Campaign Coordinator in Bradford District, said:

“Just getting to work is costing commuters more and more, while services get worse and worse. The rail companies made billions of pounds in profits last year, while passengers stood on platforms across our district watching their services get delayed, disrupted and cancelled. This has to change.

Matt Edwards at Bingley Railway Station“In fact, Northern is owned by German State-owned rail company Deutsche Bahn so these hike in our rail fares is helping to pay for cheaper, more reliable and more comfortable commuting for our neighbours in Germany.

“Bringing our railways back into public ownership is a key part of the society of the Green Party want to create. We need a publically owned railway network, with cheap, accessible, reliable transport for all.”


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