Councillors and residents save homes from flooding

10 February 2020

As Storm Ciara hits with intense rainfall all over the country, council services were stretched by a number of emergency calls from residents fearing their homes could be flooded.

Cllr Karen Alison mopping flood water In Newsome in Huddersfield, the local Green Councillors were called about a threat to homes in Armitage Bridge after local residents were unable to get in touch with Kirklees Council Emergency Services.

A blocked drain had lead to a very large accumulation of water outside terraced homes on Armitage Road.

Newsome’s Green Party councillors, Andrew Cooper, Karen Allison and Sue Lee-Richards set out and set to with buckets, brushes and wheelie bins to remove the water.

They were joined by local residents who helped stopped the rising water with sandbags and also get the drain cover on the blocked grate open.

Once the drain was cleared, with a good bid of prodding to dislodge the debris, the water subsided and the immediate threat to homes abated.

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Councillor Andrew Cooper said, "It's been inspiring to see so much community spirit in Armitage Bridge and local people mucking in to help their neighbours at a time of crisis.

“Every time an event like this happens we need to learn from it. With Climate Change these extreme weather events are going to happen more often and we need to be ready for them to protect vulnerable homes and the people affected by potential flooding events."

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