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Martin Deane

Green Party council candidate for Avenue, Hull 


Martin Deane has been Chair of Hull and East Riding Green Party since 2005. In 2014, he won 22% of the vote in Avenue Ward, and in 2015 he kept his deposit at Parliamentary level with 5.8% of the vote, and achieved second in Avenue Ward for Hul City Council.

He was secretary of the Hull Stop the War coalition from 2002 to 2010, and is active in the Hull Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Hull Against the Cuts.

Martin Deane originally joined the Green Party in 2005 to stand for Parliament and has now stood three times for Parliament and over a dozen times for Hull City Council, regularly increasing his vote.

Martin Deane, originally from Wimbledon, London, moved to Hull in 1988 for university and stayed. He has been a teacher in Hull and area since 1990. He holds a MSc in Psychology from Hull University. 


Martin Deane, Hull and East Riding Green Party, writes: 

You name it, humanity is driving a steamroller through it: rainforests, topsoil,  fisheries, availability of fresh water, variety of species, the integrity of natural DNA after Genetic Modification, the depletion of resources...

While we rage, rightly, against the vicious cuts of the Con-Dem government, hitting the poorest and the most vulnerable, it can be so all-consuming that we might forget the bigger picture... (please see Hull Greens for latest news and In His Own Write for comment)  

Films like End of Suburbia really outline what we're up against: the decline of oil rarely gets seriously talked about. The reason? As well as rattling the coffers of the oil industry it's also just too scary. 

The days of oil are numbered. Fracking and the attempted replacement of oil by shale gas will only be short-lived. It's hard to appreciate this when we've never had as much oil as we do now - and that's why it's called 'Peak Oil'. But Peak Oil Discovery was in 1964! The Peak of Oil is happening right now and has been since 2005. But it costs enormous effort: deep sea drilling is becoming more prevalent - despite the BP Gulf disaster. Fracking we'd never heard of a few years ago, now they're trying to get oil even from under Yorkshire. And Yorkshire, frankly, isn't Texas!

Even 'big' finds today will typically only keep us going a few days. You don't hear much about this from oil companies or media - nothing must rattle the industry or the all-sacred share prices - while they inexorably increase prices at the pumps. As for the alternatives: coal, uranium - their days are numbered too! 

We must wake up to these issues and we need leaders who will face the ultimatums of resource decline and the effects of degradation; people who will take on Parliament and banks and giant corporations. 

That's why we really do need serious investment in a greener and more sustainable future. For all our futures. 

And that's why you need a Green Party. And people to vote for it, stand for it and join it!

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Martin Deane

Green Party parliamentary candidate for Hull North


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Martin Deane for Hull North


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Martin Deane

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