Conservative councillor defects in Doncaster

Doncaster Conservative Councillor Jonathan Wood has today defected to the Green Party.

Councillor Wood who has been a Councillor representing the rural Sprotborough Ward for the last twelve years.

Councillor Wood said, “I’m proud to be a new member for the Green Party. For some time, it has been clear to me that the interests of rural communities like Sprotbrough, and others like it, have not been well served by Doncaster Council.

“It’s become increasingly apparent that the Conservatives are failing to respond the action we desperately need on environmental issues. Even a climate emergency seems to make little or no change to their direction.

“I’ve always been especially vocal about protecting the Green Belt, highlighting the dangers from over development around flood zones, proper environmental protection, and common sense tree policies that don’t just chop them down because they’re in the way.

“Whilst I wish all my former colleagues in the Conservative Party well, I am simply unable to stand with them as they stand-by doing nothing to leave politics, or more importantly the environment in a better place than they found it”

Tony Nicholson, a spokesperson from Doncaster Green Party, said,

“I’m really pleased Jonathan has chosen to join the Green Party. We have worked well with him over a number of years, particularly on planning issues when the quality of our local environment has been under threat. We are very happy to welcome him to the Green Party.”

Councillor Wood has been selected as one of the two Green Party candidates for the Sprotborough Ward in the upcoming local elections in May along with local Parish Councillor Fiona Cahill.

Doncaster Green Party Tony Nicholson

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