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Throughout 2020 it became all too clear that our political establishment is failing. Our Government has been bungling the response to this pandemic and it is still not acting on the climate emergency.

The need for elected Green politicians has never been stronger.

Now it’s time to bring the Green Wave to Yorkshire and The Humber. You can help by donating. Set up Monthly Donation.

In May 2021 there will be big elections across the Yorkshire and The Humber – these include all those cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the scheduled 2021 elections. We also have Mayoral Elections in Doncaster and West Yorkshire where I am standing.

We are doing well and are better organised than ever before – but we can’t compete with the Conservatives and Labour without more paid staff here in our region and to do that we need regular income.

By setting up a monthly donation you can help us grow our staff here in our region to support our local parties on the ground and run our biggest and most ambitious campaign ever.

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Regular donations are the most effective in helping us plan for the long term. However, if you would prefer to make a one off contribution, you can do so here.

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