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Sheffield must be zero-carbon by 2030

05 February 2019

Sheffield Green Party councillors are demanding a clear commitment to the city being “zero carbon” by 2030 at the latest, as the world faces a “climate emergency.”

Bradford becomes the largest UK council to declare "Climate Emergency" following Green Party motion

16 January 2019

Bradford District Council has become the largest local authority in the UK – and second in Yorkshire - to declare a "climate emergency" after a motion by Green Party councillors was passed last night

Scarborough Council declares climate emergency following proposal by Green Party councillors

08 January 2019

Scarborough Council will become the first council in Yorkshire to declare a "climate emergency" after a motion by Green Party councillors was passed last night.

Natalie Bennett visits Misson Springs Protection Camp

08 January 2019

Natalie Bennett visits he Misson protectors, monitoring the actions of iGas, which plans to frack on a former Ministry of Defence bomb testing site near Doncaster.

Green Party call for passengers to “make rail companies pay”

02 January 2019

Yorkshire & the Humber Green Party are calling for passengers to “make rail companies pay” for unreliable rail service as annual rail fare hike takes force.

The Green Party renews calls to see Arriva stripped of Northern rail franchise as German rail giant seeks government bailout.

05 November 2018

The Green Party renews calls to see Arriva stripped of Northern rail franchise as German rail giant seeks government bailout.

Green Party calls for immediate end to Fracking operations in the UK

31 October 2018

A leading Green Party politician has called for the immediate end of fracking operations after the strongest tremor yet halted fracking at Cuadrilla site near Blackpool.

Green call for better buses

30 October 2018

Green Party councillors are urging the regional mayor to take back control of South Yorkshire’s buses

Letter: The North never forgets

03 October 2018

Many people in the North of England know the government doesn’t care about its lack of modern infrastructure and the desperate impacts of austerity here.

Morning commute chaos leads Green Party to renew calls for First to be stripped of it’s rail franchise.

26 September 2018

A Green Party councillor from Huddersfield has renewed calls for First to be stripped of Transpennine rail franchise as mass cancellations lead to more rail chaos this mornings (26th September) train services.

Green Party calls for nationwide Car Free Days

21 September 2018

The Green Party will call on the Government to launch nationwide annual Car Free Days to mark the global event tomorrow (Saturday 22 September).

Letter: Campaigning on renationalising the the railways isn’t leading the opposition - but following far behind

05 September 2018

It’s clear that the majority of us are already in favour of renationalising the railways, which begs the question, who are Labour trying to convince? This isn’t leading the opposition, but following it far behind. The Green Party will continue to champion genuinely transformative policies that will benefit our entire country

Bradford District Green Party welcome end of grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor

11 August 2018

On the 12th August this year, Bradford Green Party will be welcoming the first year in over a decade that grouse shooting has not taken place on Ilkley Moor.

Green councillor calls for action after Council support motion on tackling food poverty in York

22 July 2018

Green Party councillor for Guildhall ward, Denise Craghill, has welcomed the unanimous support at the Council Meeting last night for her motion on tackling food poverty in York, but has also called on the Council to ensure that action follows on after the speeches.

South Yorkshire Green Parties announce candidate for Sheffield City Mayoral Election

12 March 2018

South Yorkshire Green Parties have announced their candidate for the upcoming election of the Sheffield City Region Mayor.

Green Party calls for railways to be brought into public hands as fares rise

02 January 2018

Local Green Party groups from across Yorkshire are again calling for railways to be brought back into public ownership as train fares go up.

Green deputy leader to visit Ryedale fracking site

13 December 2017

Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack will visit the Kirby Misperton fracking site in Kirby Misperton on Friday to meet local demonstrators and visit the protection camp.

Natalie Bennett to to attend ‘Green Friday’ at Kirby Misperton

16 November 2017

Former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett is returning early from the United Nations COP23 climate talks in Bonn on Friday to support the Kirby Misperton protection camp as the struggle against fracking in Yorkshire continues.

Case thrown out against Cllr Alison Teal

27 October 2017

A judge has thrown out a case against Green Party councillor Alison Teal for protesting against the felling of healthy trees in Sheffield.

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